Kurt's work is more than
capturing the beauty
of an individual,
but revealing the inner
dynamic of a relationship.
My husband and I can truly say, Yeah... That's really us
but more gorgeous!
Carrie & Matt


I am not keen on talking about myself. It is not that I have nothing interesting to say, it's just that I would rather find out about who you are, how you met, those funny stories that brought you two together and especially - why here and now? That is interesting.


Taking a picture is not about showing what you look like, but showing what you two felt during that special moment in your life.

I enjoy creating something that is joyful & beautiful for wonderful couples. And I do this because it is fun and for pleasure. 


Awards: I have won some of the biggest prizes in photojournalism including 2 - 1st Place awards in: The Best of Photojournalism. I have also won a hand full of Czech Press Photo awards and many others. Yet, my biggest prize? Being told that children were adopted from an orphanage in Kiev due to my reportage on their plight.

There is no award that can truly top that.