Suki & Stephen pose at Lavka with Prague Castle dominating the skyline above them

Our Prague pre-wedding photography portfolio featuring beautiful images from real couples!

Looking for a fun filled, exciting session that is focused on capturing you in an authentic, creative and artistic way? Wishing to have the best in both creative natural light portraits with flair as well as creative, awesome night time portrait that look like a magazine & fashion session? If either of descriptions fit you – you have come to the right place. We have been creating these sessions in Prague since 2008, so we know exactly what you need to not only have an awesome session but will ensure that the files are picture perfect for those all too important slide shows and large format printing. As the original Prague pre wedding photographer (whose work and style has been copied by many) we are always striving to create new beautiful & artistic images that will amazing on your living room walls.

We do not just pose and shoot the same photos over and over again. Anyone can do that in fact almost every photographer in Prague has the same exact staged photos… Instead, we work with you to create real art that is lovingly created with flare and a focus on capturing you in a fun-filled way!

Whether you wish to experience the romance of Prague at night or the incredible sunrise and or Golden Light Hour –  we have the experience and expertise to create beautiful, stylistic and gorgeous images that will blow away your friends and family. We realize just how much these sessions are an investment and as such our goal is to create family heirlooms that will be hung proudly in your homes for all to admire.

When you hire a professional photographer for your very important pre-wedding portrait session in Prague you should expect to have mind blowing professional results. No stress, no ego, no problem, just beautiful, bespoke pre-weddings portraits from Prague by American photographer Kurt Vinion.

Pictured below are just some of the wonderful portraits created and captured for our wonderful couples from around the world.

A romantic night time pre-wedding portrait session photographed on the Charles Bridge with Prague Castle in the background

Suki & Stephen (Hong Kong) are one of those couples we photographers dream about: they are not only two very easy going, sweet people with a warm personality, they were completely game for anything and everything during their pre-wedding session. Pictured here (and our lede image above) are the very elegantly dressed couple enjoying their romantic evening photo session atop the world famous Charles Bridge. 

Prague pre wedding photographer Kurt Vinion couple autumn photo Irene & Ryan traveled over from Canada for a small sunrise Engagement session during the Autumn. Though it rained quite a bit we were able to create a truly special pre wedding photo session that beautifully captured the rain, the Autumn colors and the nearly empty early morning streets of Prague.

Holding his bride up high on the Charles Bridge - pre-wedding photo by Kurt Vinion

These two traveled over from Seoul South Korea for a very special sunrise pre-wedding session in Prague. Instead of having an art directed session we simply followed them around, pointed out the most amazing locations for photo taking and let them be captured as they wished. Many of their images have a playful, authentic feel and as such this is one of our favorite natural light sunrise sessions from 2018.

Looking for those Golden Hour images filled with flare, passion and real moments creatively captured in Prague during your pre-wedding? Look no further than here. We have been capturing beautiful bespoke pre-weddings in Prague since 2008. We know the locations that everyone knows as well as the ones that few know and we know how to create a truly unique and intimate session such as Y+R (Hong Kong of course) who traveled over and had one of those amazing sessions that their friends and family are still talking about. 

Pictured at Silver & Ken during their romantic night time portrait session on the Charles Bridge. Our couples from Singapore really know how to have a fantastic time.  Silver (the bride-to-be) had brought 3 designer outfits and Ken being a guys guy – only two. They had one of those unforgettable sunrise & sunset sessions that was about capturing them in a more honest, relaxed and beautiful way.  Pictured above, the sexy couple during their Charles Bridge sunset photo session.

Pictured - our couple enjoying their elegant night time pre-wedding photo on the Charles BridgeJen & Dennis are two very proud New Yorkers. When they contact us about their Prague pre-wedding session they had several requests: no heavy ‘photoshopping’, not too much posing, keep it fun! With that we created one of those very elegant pre-wedding photo sessions that not only blew away their friends and family but made these New Yorkers very proud! Pictured above is our sexy, elegantly dressed couple making a wish at night on the Charles Bridge.

Pictured is the lovely bride to be wearing red overlooking Prague during an Autumn day.Not all of our sessions are 8 hour ordeals, some are quite small (4 hours) as when you have wonderful weather, a laid back, easy going couple such as these two who traveled over from the mainland  you can just follow them around and capture them beautiful as they experience Prague during their pre-wedding photo session in their way.Pictured above is our bride-to-be wearing a very stylish red dress as she and her fiancee take in one of the most beautiful views overlooking Prague on an Autumn day.

Prague pre-wedding photographer Kurt Vinion couple dancing in Mala Strana photo

Some call this light – ‘God’s Light’. While others call it ‘The Golden Light’. Whatever you wish to call it,  having a pre-wedding photo session early in the morning hours before Prague wakes up is the only way to artistically and creatively capture the city of 100 spires. From Tina & Mike’s sunrise session photographed during the Golden Light Hour in Mala Strana.

Pictured our couple enjoying their sunrise session atop the Charles Bridge in Prague

Peggy & Han are two fun loving people from Hong Kong who wanted it all – and starting at the Charles Bridge on a rainy morning with very few tourists about helped us to create a very unique session where Prague was their backdrop.

Pictured: our sexy couple having a last romantic kiss at night near the Charles Bridge as the snow blows around them.

Snow themed winter wedding pre-wedding photo session in Prague! Yes, how can you go wrong when you have a young, hot couple (from the mainland) who wish to have an artistic & creative winter pre wedding photo session in Prague? They came, experienced it all and went home with a stunning collection of portraits that they will always treasure. Pictured here: a last kiss near the Charles Bridge as it snowed during the romantic evening.

Featuring the Best pre-wedding photography from Prague: Pictured an art directed magazine styled night portrait of our elegant couple at the Charles Bridge before sunrise

Catherine & Cedric.Son post wedding photo session captured in Prague before sunrise. The couple traveled over from Korea to have a beautiful, elegant &  creative post wedding photo session to celebrate their wedding nuptials. A true luxury oriented sunrise & sunset portrait session captured in Prague with two very deserving people.

Our Prague pre-wedding photography portfolio featuring the best in beautiful & artistic photos - pictured: elegant couple overlooking the city of Prague in their wedding attire

Of course it is not enough capturing our couples personalities, we must also use this incredible city and its stunning architecture as a backdrop for our wonderful couples who wish to have – well, everything. Pictured here is Rose & Alpha (Hong Kong) who had a stunning Sunrise & Sunset session.

Our Prague pre-wedding photography portfolio featuring the best in beautiful & artistic photos - pictured: bride spinning her dress above the city of Prague

And let’s be honest, anyone can take a picture, but to capture a wonderful, real, authentic moment such as when the bride twirls her dress for her man – with that incredible view behind them – that takes a bit of thoughtful planning. Of course when you have a wonderful couple such as D+L (China) who just wanted to have a great time without a stiff, boring, posed session well these kind of photos are the norm.

Our Prague pre-wedding photography portfolio featuring the best in beautiful & artistic photos - pictured: a kiss under Prague Castle in Mala Strana

Sometimes you just have to have a kiss picture. Pictured are Tracy & Patrick who traveled to Prague for their incredible natural light & Golden Hour pre wedding sessions. These sessions are simply capturing two people as they explore this beautiful city. No posing is involved, and no worries, we will point out the best locations to ensure that your session will be truly – stunning!

Our Prague pre-wedding photography portfolio featuring the best in beautiful & artistic photos - pictured: walking in Old Town Square as the sun flares behind them

Golden Light Hour / Natural light sessions for those who dare to step outside the norm of boring overly posed pre-wedding photography in Prague. Lets be honest, every photographer is shooting the same pictures: couples jumping in the air with an amazing background, couples standing bored looking in to the camera, couples posed in front of… yeah, you get it. But what about something more: Authentic? How about a real professional photographer who is gifted with capturing the Golden Light Hour capturing the two of you in an honest, relaxed easy going way and yes, making fantastic, artistic images? Pictured above is one such couple who already had a pre-wedding portrait session in Prague. Instead of capturing them in their way, the photographer took the easy way out and posed them for hours on end. As the bride said ‘we deserve better’ and then challenged us to create something that was for them and about them. And did we! This is just one sample real, authentic image from that wonderful session in the Old Town Square.

Our Prague pre-wedding photography portfolio featuring the best in beautiful & artistic photos - pictured the beautiful Sherri with the swans as the Charles Bridge looms behind her

And no worries ladies! We realize that this is a once in a lifetime photo session and as such we will create a series of bridal portraits that take in to account your likes and your styles. So if you want to have some fashion bridal portraits, or as pictured something quite simple we can certainly create these images for you. After all it is your session! Pictured here is our lovely bride from Hong Kong Sherri who had a truly stunning Sunrise & Sunset session. And the bonus, a year later she invited us to capture here incredible wedding at the Syon House in London!

Our Prague pre-wedding photography portfolio featuring the best in beautiful & artistic photos - pictured sexy couple at Prague Castle Gates

Wishing for images that will blow away your family & friends during your wedding party? Wishing to have some images that are uniquely yours? How about our Signature Art series of curated and uniquely designed pre-wedding portraits where we create artistic & romantic night time portraits in one of the world’s most beautiful cities: Prague! Daisy & Luis (Hong Kong) were one of our couples who wanted it all and we certainly provided it. In fact we did so well with their Prague pre-wedding photo session that they brought us to Venice to capture a truly stunning Sunrise & Golden Hour Light session. 

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